Police Investigating After Several Sacramento Residents With Black Lives Matter Signs Had Tires Slashed

A neighborhood in Sacramento, California has seen a series of tire slashings in the area, and they think the vandalism is connected to Black Lives Matter signs.


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Several residents in Sacramento, California have had their tires slashed at their homes, and they believe it’s related to the Black Lives Matter signs they have displayed in their yards.

KCRA reports that the most recent incident happened earlier this week, either late Monday night or the following morning. Jason Dillard, who lives in the city’s Elmhurst neighborhood, found that three of the tires on his SUV were flat. “I came out, and I’m getting ready to put my tools in my car, and I go to unlock it and I feel like I’m a little taller than my car,” Dillard said, adding that he immediately realized someone had punctured his tires.

Dillard and his family have a sign in their year that says “Black Lives Matter #wereinthistogether,” and they believe it’s what led to the vandalism. “It’s not just me that it’s happened to. Other people that have the Black Lives Matter signs,” Dillard said.

The community has been gathering on their shared social media pages to discuss these cases of vandalism that started in January. According to KCRA, at least three other neighbors with BLM signs have had their tires slashed since the beginning of the year. Sacramento police have launched an investigation into the incident, as well as the similar incidents, though they’re uncertain how many have occurred.

“The Sacramento Police Department is aware of multiple vandalisms that have occurred in the Elmhurst neighborhood,” the police said in a statement. “A detective has been assigned to determine if there is any connection between these vandalisms. The Sacramento Police Department urges the community to report any suspicious activities in the area.”

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