Michigan Middle School Student Stops Bus After Driver Passes Out

A middle student from Michigan stopped a bus after he noticed the driver losing consciousness while operating the bus. He's being celebrated as a hero.

A Michigan middle school student helped stop a school bus after the driver suffered from a medical emergency.

ABC7 reports that a bus full of kids was being driven home from Carter Middle School when the driver become light-headed and unconscious. Video shows seventh grader, Dillon Reeves noticing that the bus driver was no longer awake, after which he rushed to the steering wheel to help stop the bus.

Due to his quick thinking, authorities were able to get to the bus, transport the driver to a hospital, and get the kids home. No one was injured in the incident. Many are calling the middle schooler a hero.

“He stood up, he assessed the situation, and saw that the driver had passed out. This was an extraordinary act of courage,” Superintendent Robert Livernois said during a press conference. “He jumped up from his seat, threw his backpack down, ran to the front and grabbed the wheel, and brought the bus to a stop.”

His father also spoke during the presser, saying, “Very, very proud. This is overwhelming for all of us. This is national at this point. He is very attentive to his surroundings.”

His mother, Ireta Reeves revealed what his son was thinking in the moment. “We asked him, ‘Where did you learn to drive the bus?’ He said, ‘I watched her do it every day.’” She continued, “He’s really a great guy this year. He’s come a long way. Great grades, experiences at school with friends. To do something like this fills my heart and makes my heart skip a beat.”

The Warren Police Department is set to give Dillon an award for his actions.

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