Miami Private School Announces Policy ‘Not to Employ Anyone Who Has Taken the Experimental COVID-19 Injection’

A private school in Miami won't allow its staff to be vaccinated and remain in contact with students, citing disproven COVID-19 myths as justification.


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A private Miami school is disallowing its teachers from taking the COVID-19 vaccine, and has even gone so far as to announce that it won’t retain employees who have taken it.

CBS Miami reports that Centner Academy’s co-founder Leila Centner sent a letter to parents and staff asking that teachers and other workers delay their vaccinations until the school year is over. Centner’s reason is that the vaccine presents too many unknown variables.

“It is our policy, to the extent possible, not to employ anyone who has taken the experimental COVID-19 injection until further information is known,” the email said. Leila Centner also mentioned theories disproven by the CDC, like reproduction issues in women, or the ability of those who are inoculated to transmit “something from their bodies to those with whom they come in contact.” Centner continued, “Until more is known, we must err on the side of caution when it comes to the welfare of our students and the school team.” 

Centner also provided a statement to NBC 6, reiterating what she told parents. “We are not 100 percent sure the COVID injections are safe and there are too many unknown variables for us to feel comfortable at this current time.”

In fact, the CDC has actually advised pregnant women to get vaccinated, deeming Pfizer and Moderna to be safe for their babies. “No safety concerns were observed for people vaccinated in the third trimester or safety concerns for their babies,” CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said Friday. “As such, CDC recommends pregnant people receive COVID-19 vaccines.”

Centner Academy also said if teachers get vaccinated this summer, they will only be permitted to return to school once clinical trials have been completed in 2023.

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