Kamala Harris' February Vogue Cover Sparks Frenzy on Social Media

Vogue revealed its February cover of Vice President-elect Kamala Harris on Sunday, which was slammed by supporters for outfitting Harris in Converse shoes.

kamala vogue


kamala vogue

Vogue has revealed the cover for its February issue starring Kamala Harris—and people weren’t too pleased with the first cover option, which shows the vice president-elect in a very casual outfit, wearing a pair of Converse Chuck Taylors.

A source told journalist Yashar Ali that this cover is also not what Harris’ team “expected.”

Ali writes that Harris’ team anticipated her wearing a powder blue suit, the cover that her team and the Vogue team—including Anna Wintour—“mutually agreed upon.”

Vogue then dropped the cover option with Harris in the powder blue suit, but according to Ali, “I’m told this cover on the left will be the digital cover, but the much maligned cover on the right has already gone to print and will be the cover available for sale and sent to subscribers.”

Cue one very unhappy internet.

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