Florida Couple Has Meltdown at Airport When Delayed Flight Prevents Them From Going Home to Their Dogs

The two men clearly wanted to get home to their pets as soon as possible.

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A Florida couple got upset at the airport when their flight was delayed, preventing them from returning home to their two dogs.

A clip of the incident, first posted to TikTok, shows Dustin Miller and his husband Anthony Thorne having a meltdown at the Charlotte Douglas Airport in North Carolina. They had just learned that their American Airlines flight to Fort Lauderdale had been held up, per TMZ.

Miller seems to believe that the airline did this on purpose: “They fucked us over,” he says, as Thorne repeatedly asks, “You don’t care about the girls?” referring to their pet dogs, Shelby and Dolly. Thorne expresses his desire to be back with them quickly. Miller appears to be drunk as he slurs the dogs’ names.

At one point, a woman in a wheelchair, who has her dog seated next to her, asks the couple to go away, to which Miller responds, “Fuck off, bitch!” 

This year was another 12 months of crazy and stressful air travel, which saw French Montana’s plane get searched in Colombia, Odell Beckham Jr. get kicked off a flight headed to L.A., and Desiigner get charged with indecent exposure for allegedly masturbating on a plane.

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