White Woman Allegedly Calls Police on 8-Year-Old Girl for Selling Water

The white lady has been identified as Alison Ettel, the owner of a Bay Area cannabis company called Treat Well. She has since been dubbed "Permit Patty."

San Francisco Police Car

San Francisco police cars sit parked in front of the Hall of Justice on February 27, 2014 in San Francisco, California.

San Francisco Police Car

Meet BBQ Becky 2.0.

This weekend, a white woman in San Francisco was filmed calling the police on an 8-year-old girl for selling water outside of her home. The child’s mother recorded the incident and posted it to social media on Saturday.

“Make this bitch go viral like #bbqbecky she’s #permitpatty,” the mother, who uses the Instagram handle @ladyesowavy, wrote in the caption. “[W]ould you rather my daughter be out here getting into shit Fr cuz an 8-year-old selling water in front of her apartment building where she’s lived her whole life is NOT a reason to call the Police.”

As you can see in the video below, the white woman, who was later identified as Alison Ettel, attempts to hide from the camera while she holds a phone to her ear. The mother can be heard saying: “The whole world is gonna see you, boo.” Ettel then stood up from her hiding spot and accused the child of “illegally selling water without a permit.”

An earlier Instagram Story on the mother’s account shows the child on the sidewalk smiling in front of a cooler. “Cold water for $2,” she announces.

From @ ladyesowavy instagram post. San Francisco has #PermitPatty WTF is wrong with you hiding like that. You want to be an “obey the law” authoritarian be proud of your need to control others. Guess kids these days can’t sell candy, water or lemonade anymore. Sad days. pic.twitter.com/6Ys1CTGlyY

— Michelle Dione🧜🏻‍♀️ (@ShelleDione) June 23, 2018

As pointed out by Heavy, Ettel has since deleted her personal Instagram and Twitter accounts; however, the pages of her medical cannabis company Treat Well are still active. And you already know the company’s Twitter mentions are in shambles.

Does cannabis help racism? Just wondering #PermitPatty

— Denise Uptown Girl (@DeniseUptownGal) June 23, 2018

OMG I love it! Oh Allison..your gonna have so much fun with the internets! #gotchabitch!

— CryptoSpyder (@Dontlienowxx) June 23, 2018

Regardless of the fact that I would never purchase your weak, disgusting products anyway; I’ll be sure to walk out of any dispensary that carries your products and I’ll let them know exactly why... And I go to A LOT of dispensaries... like every day. Sometimes twice a day. 🖕🏾

— Joseph Donnison (@joedonnison) June 23, 2018

#Snitches in the #cannabisculture community ... whoa ... the things that go on in this day and age

— esaie w (@esaie_w) June 23, 2018

These cannabis oils are making me thirsty. Anyone know where I could get some water? #PermitPatty pic.twitter.com/9Wy2dRHYO5

— Nell (@Nell7619) June 23, 2018

According to the mother's most recent Instagram post, the police never showed up to their home. 

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