Reparations rarely come for those who unjustly have the police called on them when some nosey person feels the need interrogate black people sitting in a Starbucks, taking a nap, leaving their Airbnb, or having a cookout. All of these things happened within the past month, but the last of them took place a few days ago in Oakland, when some perturbed white woman decided there was something criminal about a couple barbecuing.

A video of the woman who called the police immediately went viral, and as The Root points out, people on the internet decided to get a little justice of their own by turning the fragile becky into a full-blown meme.

The memes place the unidentified woman throughout time and space. From Obama’s era as president:

To Martin Luther King’s March on Washington:

She even finds herself in the fictional land of Wakanda:

It seems like everywhere, while black people are doing their thing and minding their own business, this white woman can be found lurking in the background, poised to call 911. Enjoy more of these hilarious memes below, and remember: when in doubt, don’t call the police.