Video Shows Crowd Confronting Man Who Wore a MAGA Hat to NZ Massacre Vigil

Witness claims the MAGA supporter called the vigil "meaningless."


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A Canadian student has been accused of purposely disrupting a vigil for the victims of the New Zealand mosque attacks, as he attended the event wearing the pro-Trump "Make America Great Again" hat.

A now-viral video shows the unidentified man being confronted by a crowd at Toronto's York University, just days after the Christchurch terrorist attack that left 50 people dead. The suspected gunman behind the rampage had penned a 74-page dossier in which he praised Donald Trump as "a symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose"—a statement that underscored POTUS' favorability among xenophobes and white supremacists

A woman who attended the Monday vigil at York University said the MAGA hat-wearing student showed up near the end of the event and "caused a scene."

"Showing up with a MAGA hat is only asking for trouble, taking away the meaning of the vigil and disrespecting the victims," Twitter user @Raneemayoub wrote Monday. "[...] During the prayer, he was arguing with the two men next to him. Everyone else at the vigil ignored him until the vigil was officially over (out of respect of the victims and the event). No one approached him and disturbed the vigil until it was finished."

Footage shows the student being confronted by a number of students, one who yelled, "These people don't owe you an explanation. There was a f**king massacre and you're wearing a symbol of racism. Get the f**k out."

The man smirks as others demand he leave. As he begins to walk away, a woman comes from behind and pulls the hat off his head.

@Raneemayoub said the student has pulled similar stunts before and was overheard calling the vigil "meaningless" prior to the altercation.

According to ABC 13, officials have not received any reports about the incident.

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