Video Shows Last-Minute Christmas Shoppers Fighting at New Jersey Shopping Mall

A brawl broke out at a Jersey City mall packed with holiday shoppers just two days before Christmas.

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The stress of holiday shopping escalated to a full-on brawl at a shopping mall in New Jersey on Friday night. One onlooker captured footage of the incident with her camera, and the video shows a violent confrontation being broken up by security guards at the crowded shopping center.

The fight broke out at the Newport Centre Mall in Jersey City, near a Kiko Milano cosmetics store. According to reports, the mall’s resident Santa Claus impersonator and the children waiting to meet him were also nearby when the incident occurred. However, Santa himself was not involved, and no reports of injury have been made known.

The Jersey City Police have not yet released any information about what sparked the brawl, or if any arrests or charges have been made in relation to the incident. Those who saw the fight first-hand told reporters the cause for the outbreak was unclear.

"I just seen a bunch of flying fist and I seen the security guards getting punched and anyone that was in the way getting punched," a 37-year-old witness named Larissa told the Jersey Journal.

The exact same Jersey City mall made headlines earlier in 2016 when another fight broke out there, and footage showed a person dressed in an Easter Bunny costume throwing fists. According to local authorities, the man in the Easter Bunny costume had accused a customer of attacking him after the customer's daughter "slipped out of her chair.”

Both incidents are good excuses to stay home and do all your holiday shopping online.

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