A professional Easter Bunny impersonator was involved in a brief but eventful brawl in Jersey City on Sunday, with onlookers' clever recording techniques capturing much of the action in the name of holy retweets. The fight erupted late Sunday afternoon between the mall worker and a group of alleged customers near his Easter-themed photo studio, the New York Daily News reports. As of Monday afternoon, no charges had been filed.

The heated disagreement took place at Newport Centre in Jersey City, shortly after the unidentified bunny was spotted all across Facebook and the 'gram with a hella realistic rabbit head completing his seasonal ensemble:

"It remains unclear who initiated the incident," a Jersey City spokesperson told the Daily News on Monday, confirming that no one involved in the disagreement had been immediately identified. According to local authorities, the man behind the Easter Bunny costume is believed to have accused a customer of attacking him after the customer's daughter apparently "slipped out of her chair." Specific details regarding that fateful encounter, however, remain unconfirmed.

So maybe Easter can be canceled now?

IDK. In semi-related news, just look at this fucking adorable dog-sized bunny. You're welcome.