Video Shows Massive Waves Crashing Into Wedding Reception in Hawaii

A wedding reception that took place in Hawaii was hit by a "historic" swell that brought massive waves to various parts of the island over the weekend.

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A wedding reception in Hawaii got hit by a “historic” swell that brought large waves to various parts of the island over the weekend.

Footage of the incident, which took place on Saturday at the Hulihe’e Palace in Kailua-Kona on Hawaii’s Big Island, captures the moment a massive wave dismantled the wedding party’s set-up of tables and chairs.

The newlyweds, Dillon and Riley Murphy, spoke with KHON2 about having their wedding crashed by a “big wall” of waves. 

“We were kind of right at the moment where we were going to start moving a couple things and this big wall basically just showed up,” Dillon explained. “Luckily there was no food in any of the containers.”

Dillon added, “But we did end up getting some good pictures with like waves splashing up and the ceremony was beautiful.”

🚨VIDEO: Strong waves on Ali'i Drive Hawaii impact wedding reception

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Riley maintained that the swell failed to damper their wedding night.

“We didn’t have our dance floor, but nobody seemed to mind, at the end of the night we were all like dancing in the mud and it was amazing,” Riley shared. “Maybe even more memorable than if it hadn’t happened.”

The Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources on Sunday confirmed that the island experienced “the highest south shore surf in more than 25-years,” as some of Hawaii’s south-facing shores were hit by 25-foot waves.

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