Frontier Airlines Flies Florida Teen to Puerto Rico Instead of Ohio

The 16-year-old boy's father blamed the gate agent for not scanning his son's boarding pass.

Las Vegas Review-journal / TNS

A Florida teen traveling alone on Frontier Airlines wound up in Puerto Rico after boarding the wrong flight this week.

As reported by CNN, Logan Lose, 16, was flying from Tampa International Airport to Cleveland to visit his mother on Dec. 22. Instead, Lose touched down in San Juan, Puerto Rico, leaving his parents no choice but to blame Frontier for the mix-up after their son revealed the airline didn't scan his boarding pass at the gate.

“Logan said they didn’t scan it,” his father, Ryan Lose, told WFLA. “They would’ve known it was the wrong flight if they scanned the boarding pass."

According to Lose, his son said the gate agent confirmed he was on the correct flight before he boarded the San Juan-bound plane.

“He went up there and asked the lady if the flight was boarding, and they said, ‘yes,’ and they also checked his bag to make sure it fit,” Lose shared. “But Logan said they never scanned his ticket. Logan said they just glanced at it and said, ‘Yes, you’re on the right flight,’ and then he boarded.”

After landing in San Juan, Lose was flown back to Tampa and hopped on a flight to Cleveland, where he arrived Dec. 23 to visit his mother for Christmas.

"He was able to board as a result of an error on the part of the boarding agent," a Frontier Airlines spokeswoman told WFLA. "He was immediately flown back to Tampa on the same aircraft and accommodated on a flight to Cleveland the following day."

The spokesperson added, "Frontier has extended its sincere apologies to the family for the error."

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