81-Year-Old California Man Arrested After Terrorizing Neighbors With Slingshot for Years

Police described the man as a "serial slingshot shooter" who victimized his neighborhood for a decade.

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An elderly California man has been arrested after he terrorized neighbors with a slingshot for about a decade.

ABC News reports that police responded to a "quality of life issue" in Azusa, California after "dozens of citizens were being victimized by a serial slingshot shooter." The slingshoot shooter, 81-year-old Prince Raymond King, would use a slingshot and ball bearings to damage multiple properties across his neighborhood.

“DEU conducted a lengthy investigation and learned that during the course of nine to 10 years, dozens of citizens were being victimized by a serial slingshot shooter,” said Azusa Police Department in a press release.

According to police, law enforcement had been looking for the suspect since the very first attack took place over a decade ago. They just weren't able to fully identify him until now.

Some of King's neighbors claim they were struck by the ball bearings, while most said the victims said their windows and car windshields were damaged.

King was identified as the "serial slingshot shooter" earlier this month after police carried out a search warrant in King’s neighborhood. During a search of King's residence, they found countless ball bearings and a slingshot.

King is currently being held in Men’s Central Jail in Los Angeles on no bail.

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