Latest Viral Karen Filmed Complaining About Black Neighbor’s Flag Featuring Tigger From ‘Winnie the Pooh’

“I’m just telling you, I don’t like it. And we have rules,” a white woman told her Black neighbor of a flag featuring Tigger from 'Winnie the Pooh.'

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A white woman who went to her Black neighbor’s door to complain about a flag featuring Winnie the Pooh’s Tigger has gone viral.

The video was posted to TikTok by user Ambrosia last week and captioned, “Watch my interaction with a Karen.” The woman can be seen approaching the door, acting friendly, then proceeding to get upset about the charming flag. 

“I’m just telling you, I don’t like it,” the woman says, unsolicited. “And we have rules. I don’t want to have to go find out what they are, but I don’t like that.”

Ambrosia tells the neighbor she’s not part of a homeowners’ association, to which the neighbor insists there’s “rules for the community” regarding cartoon characters like Tigger on flags.

“It’s called Williamsburg-something, and there’s rules.”

Ambrosia says the woman is allowed to have her opinion after the neighbor insists the flag makes the “neighborhood look tacky,” before the two eventually part ways. In a follow-up video after many were asking to see what the flag looked like, the patient neighbor shared a closer look. 

“So this is the offensive flag,” she says. “Yes, it is Tigger from Winnie the Pooh. TikTok banned my entire account last night for posting that video. I appealed it and they put it back up, but apparently y’all get mad.”

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