Video Shows Texas Woman Crashing Into Liquor Store and Pedestrian

A Texas woman is said to have driven into the store and backed up, striking an individual who later went to the hospital with a broken ankle. 

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A woman in Texas was arrested Friday night after driving into a liquor shop, hitting a pedestrian and hitting parked cars before fleeing the scene, NBC DFW reports.

58-year-old Annie Williams was reportedly involved in a domestic disturbance with a man, who she tried to hit with her vehicle. Williams allegedly drove into the store and backed up, when she struck a different person, who later went to the hospital with a broken ankle. 

Officers arrived at Liquor Depot around 8 p.m. and located the driver at a traffic stop, where she eventually led a brief chase. She is currently staying at Irving jail, facing aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, evading arrest, DWI and criminal mischief charges, while the man she allegedly attempted to hit has not been located. 

A video of what appears to be the incident has been circulating on Twitter and has since been uploaded to YouTube, showing the moments after the driver reportedly backed out of the liquor shop.

what the fuck did I just witness?! 😳😳

— CJ 🧊 (@APopularNobody) June 26, 2021

“What the fuck just went on,” an onlooker can be heard saying. “That’s her right there. The fuck is going on?”

In the video, the witness eventually finds the vehicle and records it to get plate information as the suspect zooms off. According to NBC DFW, the store ultimately suffered $25,000 in damages.

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