Burger King's One-Cent Whopper Deal Is a Savage McDonald's Troll

Burger King gives away Whoppers for a penny, if customers are willing to go to McDonald's first.

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Millennials might not be down for fast food in the same way as prior generations, but they are the world's biggest consumers of petty. The two youngest generations get most of their beef via Twitter. So, this new Burger King campaign that ruthlessly trolls McDonald's might just get the youth to try a Whopper. 

The fast-food chain is offering their signature sandwich for one single cent. That's not a typo, Burger King is really giving away burgers for a penny. However, there's a catch. Whopper lovers have to go to McDonald's to order it. 

According to their ad announcing the promotion, users can order Whoppers via the BK App on their phones. If they place the order within 600 feet of a McDonald's, the burger will come out to $0.01. The ad shows customers rolling through McDonald's drive-thru and ordering Whoppers from confused employees. 

The whole thing is called the Whopper Detour and it's several levels more serious than releasing a cute mixtape or @-ing somebody. It brings the fast food *beef* that's been playing out in advertising and social media since time immemorial into the real world. Notice they didn't come for Wendy's, though. That smiling redhead got bodies. 

The offer is valid at all U.S. Burger Kings through Dec. 12, provided you don't live in Arkansas or Hawaii. Feel free to head to Google Maps to see if the trek between the rival fast food outposts is worth the deal. As for McDonald's, we can't see any way to top this, unless they want to bring back the Big N' Tasty. (Or permanently eliminate the Filet-O-Fish.)

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