Teen Allegedly Shared Cookies Baked With Grandpa's Ashes, 'Pulled Out the Urn' to Prove It

But were they good?

Grandpa cookies
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Grandpa cookies

Police in Davis, California are investigating the best/worst prank so far of this spooky season. A 16-year-old allegedly baked sugar cookies for her classmates using her grandfather’s ashes, according to KRCA.

The unnamed student reportedly passed around the cookies gleefully with the help of a friend. Nine of her classmates at Da Vinci Charter Academy ate the cookies. Some were tricked, but others ate the cookies even though they knew about the ashes.

“Everyone around her told me not to eat it, and I thought it was an edible,” Angelina Boggess, a senior at Da Vinci, told told BuzzFeed News. “I had it in my hand for a split second, then she said she had put her grandpa’s ashes in the cookie.”

Boggess said the cookies looked gray, but she was more freaked out about the baker's attitude.

“The craziest part to me is that she seemed unfazed and was bragging about what she did,” Boggess said. “Saying that his leg could be in one cookie, with a big grin on her face. That’s when I handed it back to her and just was in total disbelief.”

Andy Knox, another student, told KRCA the baker pulled out an entire urn to prove her grandfather’s ashes were in the cookies. “I didn’t believe her until she pulled out the urn,” he said, though he first assumed the cookies had weed in them.

The most obvious horrific question to come out of this is...were they good? One anonymous student who knowingly ate the ash cookie told BuzzFeed it was “a bit too granulated—[I] don’t think the ash incorporated well.” He also offered up this disturbingly hot take: "Ash is ash, doesn’t matter where it comes from. It really isn’t that big of a deal."


Police have since questioned students and teachers, as well as the baker’s parents. BuzzFeed reports police have not been able to test the treats in order to verify if there was ash in them, because they don’t have any. Which begs another question, where did the rest of the cookies go???

Principal Tyler Millsap shared a letter to parents writing “there is no health risk at to our campus or to any one of our students.” The student who baked the cookies has reportedly been suspended, but no charges have been filed against her.  

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