Canadian Viral Video Shows Beaver Herding Cattle

The extremely Canadian moment is going viral.


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Over the last few months, we've been blessed with a handful of extremely Canadian moments. Usually, these happenings involve nature in some way, shape, or form - with moose making a frequent appearance. To make it even more brilliantly Canadian, some of these occasions have had Tim Hortons as a focalpoint. While all of these events sound like they could be in contention for the most Canadian affairs of them all, they'll have beat out a new viral superstar. And because this is north of the border, the star in question is a scrappy little beaver.

The beaver is already an iconic Canadian symbol, but we don't get to see it in action everyday. Sure, the creature happens to adorn our currency, but coming across one in the wild is becoming a fairly rare sight. That's why this video captured in Saskatchewan is pretty damn amazing. A local rancher named, Adrienne Ivey, went out to check on her herd of 150 cattle last week, when she witnessed a Canadian marvel. She found her cows under the control of an incredibly brave, if not foolish, little beaver. The animal led her herd all across the field, leaving many confused in the process.

Speaking with CTV News, Ivey said that before she had any clue as to what was going on, she knew something strange was afoot. "[They] were bunched together [which is] very unusual when they have so much room to be out moving around. It wasn’t until we got to the very front of the herd, that we could see what all the commotion was about.” You can see exactly what Ivey encountered below, via YouTube.

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While most of us would be intimidated by an army of bovines, Ivey says the beaver was leading everyone around like a boss. “That was the most shocking part,” Ivey told CTV. “Not that they took an interest, but that there was almost a buffer in between them and every time it walked, they walked. Every time it stopped, they immediately stopped. That was the funniest part, and it probably went on for 10 minutes.” It's an absolutely Canadian moment, and now it's taking the internet by storm. The clip has been featured all around the world, with news outlets in Europe calling Ivey to share the video. Thankfully for us, the Saskatchewan rancher is happy to share her odd story with every and anyone.

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