We really jumped the gun last week by awarding these firefighters with the most Canadian story of all time. In our defense, we had no idea that the ultimate hockey dad would cruise around town on a zamboni. More so, we certainly didn't expect anyone to pull up to a Tim Hortons drive-through on a ice resurfacing machine. Alas it's 2016, and anything that can happen, will happen.

The painfully Canadian moment occurred in Alberta this week, and promptly set Twitter on fire. Now identified as Jesse Myshak, the 34-year-old crane operator decided that he needed to get his hot chocolate on, likely due to it being bloody cold these last few days. Speaking with Global News, Myshak recounted the amazing event in full detail. “I ordered a large hot chocolate and came through the drive-through. There was about three people sticking their heads out the window, all smiling and telling me this is the best thing they’ve ever seen and no worries about the order. The lady in front of me actually picked up my order”.

In a recent profile on TSN, Myshak revealed that he was in the middle of touching up his zamboni, when he realized that he would need to get it home. Without proper transport, Jesse decided to simply drive his zamboni back to his own residence. In the midst of his travel, he also felt the need to grab a drink along the way, and since it's Canada, the closest shop was a Tim Hortons.

The father originally bought the zamboni to maintain clean ice at his backyard rink, which he built for his lucky kids. After recieving a bit of attention online, Myshak is now looking to capitalize on his fame by snagging a special guest, Edmonton Oilers phenom, Connor McDavid. If real recognize real, the hockey star will comply with Zamboni Dad's wishes.