What's that? You want more weird news about people saving their pets by punching fierce animals, but you also want more weird news about strange stuff happening at Tim Hortons? Well then, do we have the story for you!

Will Gibb, a 31-year-old man from Red Deer, Alberta, rescued his husky pup this week by punching a predatory cougar outside of a local Tim Hortons. The incident aptly occurred on Boxing Day, when Gibb and his two dogs decided to stop for a coffee at the famous Canadian establishment. While Gibb waited for his beverage, he decided to let his pets go off-leash to relieve themselves. A few moments later, nearby howls ominously filled the air. Will rushed to the scene to find one of his dogs in the clutches of a wild cougar. Lost in the moment, he decided to clock the puma right on its head. Speaking with CBC News, Gibb claimed that the moment was fueled by adrenaline. "It was just very instinctual. My dogs are like my children," he said.

After a quick struggle, the wild creature fled back into the woods. Will says that he chased the cougar for a few seconds, but returned to the initial scene of conflict to tend to his pet, Sasha. "I was swinging but I looked back and I saw that Sasha was on the ground kind of twitching. So I went back and tried to scoop her up with my left arm." The pursuit of the predator came just in time too, as Gibb says the critter began eyeing his other dog after releasing its grasp on Sasha.

The event shook up everyone involved but thankfully, Gibb and his pets made it out of the scene in one piece. While Sasha was victim to some nasty injuries, the pup is recovering after some stitches courtesy of a nearby vet clinic. Meanwhile, Will also found himself scathed, with claw marks around his arm and hand. It's a small price to pay for saving man's best friend. Next time you're visiting your local Timmy's, make sure to keep an eye out for dangerous wildlife. Sip your double-double with caution, folks.