A $36 million settlement has been announced in response to lawsuits spurred by the wrongful convictions of two men in connection with the assassination of Malcolm X.

Per a report from the Associated Press citing comments from attorney David Shanies, who represented Muhammad Aziz and the estate of the late Khalil Islam, the settlement will see New York City paying $26 million while the state of New York will pay $10 million.

In November 2021, both men were exonerated following the discovery of what was then described as “new evidence” in the case. Previously, Aziz had had been released on parole back in 1985, while Islam was paroled in 1987. In 2009, Islam died at the age of 74.

When reached for comment by Complex on Monday, a New York City Law Department spokesperson said the newly announced settlement “brings some measure of justice” after the wrongful convictions of the two men.

“This settlement brings some measure of justice to individuals who spent decades in prison and bore the stigma of being falsely accused of murdering an iconic figure,” the spokesperson told Complex in an emailed statement. “Based on our review, this office stands by the opinion of former Manhattan District Attorney Vance who stated, based on his investigation, that ‘there is one ultimate conclusion: Mr. Aziz and Mr. Islam were wrongfully convicted of this crime.’” 

Complex has also reached out to Shanies’ office for additional comment. This story may be updated.

In the coming days, the expectation is that documents related to the $36 million settlement will be signed and approved, at which point the settlement will be split between Islam’s estate and Aziz.