One week after Donald Trump promised there would be an "orderly transition" of power to the Biden administration on Jan. 20, members of his staff are in the process of moving out of the White House. A bust of former President Abraham Lincoln was seen leaving the West Wing earlier today. 

TMZ is unsure if the bust already belonged to Trump.  

Since Trump, who still baselessly disputes the results of the presidential election since they didn't go in his favor, will not attend Biden's inauguration, he's using these last few days to say his goodbyes and snap a few photos with members of his team.

CNN reports that Trump has refused calls to resign amid mounting pressure and banned aides from bringing up President Richard Nixon, who resigned in 1974.

Meanwhile, TMZ reports Trump has essentially handed over his presidential duties to Vice President Mike Pence. 

Earlier today, Pence sat in the seat usually reserved for the President during a briefing on the inauguration for Biden and Harris. It was also Pence who greeted and thanked the National Guard troops who have been stationed around the Capitol since Trump incited an insurrection earlier this month. The charge that got him impeached for a second time this week. 

Trump is likely going to wait until Jan. 19, his last full day in office, to reveal his final pardons. It was reported earlier this month that Lil Wayne and Kodak Black were among the names on his consideration list. Another important name being considered is Trump himself