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The country's latest supervillain, “SoHo Karen,” aka the 22-year-old woman who was filmed attacking a Black teen and falsely accusing him of stealing her phone, returns with more of her nonsense.

In the second part of her baffling interview with Gayle King, Miya Ponsetto rebuked any allegations that her actions in December were racist because she’s “a woman of color.” 

“I had noticed my phone had been missing. So I just approached the hotel manager, asked him if he could kindly just check the footage,” Ponsetto told King, recounting the incident where she verbally and physically attacked the 14-year-old son of jazz trumpet player Keyon Harrold in a NYC hotel. 

“In my opinion, I was, like, ‘OK, any person walking down could possibly be the person that might’ve had my phone,’” she continued. “And I, I really didn’t, I wasn’t racial profiling whatsoever. I’m a woman. I’m Puerto Rican. I’m, like, a woman of color. I’m Italian, Greek, Puerto Rican.”

King then looked for some clarification, asking “you keep saying you’re Puerto Rican. Does that mean that you can’t be racist because you’re saying you’re a woman of color? Is that what you mean?”

“Exactly,” Ponsetto responded. 

Aside from being an obvious copout, Ponsetto’s comments don’t make sense because ethnicity and race are different things. There are white Puerto Ricans and Black Puerto Ricans and indigenous Puerto Ricans. Not to mention, women of color can racist. Gina Rodrigez does it all the time

“I would disagree with that,” Gayle told her interviewee.

Last week Ponsetta faced backlash after the first part of her interview with Gayle aired, showing the California woman in a “Daddy” hat interrupting the CBS broadcaster. “Alright Gayle, enough,” she said at one point in the interview, raising her hand up to King.

Ponsetta was arrested in Southern California last week and appeared in Manhattan court on Saturday. She’s been charged with two counts of attempted assault, attempted robbery, grand larceny, and endangering the welfare of a child.