If you’ve been feeling dumpier than usual lately, know that you’re not alone. New research suggests Canadians are among the saddest and most anxious people in the world at present. 

Gee, thanks for that factoid, science. 

UK-based online contact lens shop Lenstore compiled data from 10 health metrics for 24 countries, basically by sleuthing a bunch of public health websites for stats. 

According to their findings, 26 per cent of Canadians said they have felt anxious, stressed, or sad at some point during the COVID pandemic. That figure is high enough for a second-place tie with our fellow fretters in the United Kingdom. 

France and Australia followed behind the U.S., Canada, and the UK to round out the top five with a respective 24 and 23 per cent of their populations admitting to the struggle.   

“2020 has proven to be an extremely tough year for many people’s mental health and well-being,” the report reads. “Stress, anxiety, and overall sadness are all mental health concerns that need attention to help support those in need.” 

The issue seems even more focused at this time of year for many Canadians who suffer from seasonal affective disorder. If you’re among them, we see you, even when it’s super dark and gloomy. 

Canada didn’t appear on any of the other health lists Lenstore compiled, including vision loss, diabetes, obesity, cancer, and smoking. All Canadians can be thankful for that.