Donald Trump isn't in America's favor following the U.S. Capitol attack on Jan. 6.

In a new national survey released by ABC News and The Washington Post, 54 percent of Americans say Trump should face criminal charges for inciting last week’s failed coup. The insurrection took place after Trump emboldened his supporters to march on the Capitol following his Stop the Steal rally. Sixty-six percent of Americans also say he behaved irresponsibly, due to his statements and actions since the election.

Elsewhere in the poll, nine in 10 Americans oppose the events that took place on Jan. 6, while seven in 10 say Trump carries at least some responsibility for it. Moreover, 56 percent favor Congress’ push to ban him from holding elected office ever again.

The poll also sees Trump exiting the presidency with a 38 percent job approval rating, while 68 percent disapprove, comparable to—but not surpassing—his peak disapproval in August 2018. He’s the first president in modern polling, dating to 1939, to never attain majority approval ever. His career average approval rating is also the lowest for any president since 1939.

ABC News reports that while there are very pointed political divides between political groups, there is one result that sticks out due to bipartisan agreement: 89 percent of Americans oppose the actions of those who breached the Capitol. While 80 percent strongly opposed, eight percent supported their actions and five percent strongly supported them.