A 26-year-old woman filed a lawsuit against her long-term boyfriend for failing to pop the big question.

According to Kenyan news outlet Tuko, Gertrude Ngoma sued 28-year-old Herbert Salaliki because he had not proposed to her after eight years of dating. Ngoma told a Zambian that Salaliki—who is also the father of her child—had promised to put a ring on her finger but was seemingly "wasting her time." Ngoma also said she suspects her baby daddy is romantically involved with another woman, and is demanding he go on the record to explain his plans for their relationship.

"He has never been serious," she said. "That is why I bought him to court because I deserve to know the way forward and our future."

7 News reported that Salaliki had already made a dowry payment, but it didn't go through. This failed transaction supports the man's claims that he is simply not in a financial position to afford a proper wedding. He also accused Ngoma of not giving him "the attention he needed."

The presiding judge, Evelyn Nalwize, determined there was not much the court could do in this case, as the couple are not legally married. Ngoma and Salaliki were advised to try to settle their differences out of court.