One person was killed and five others were injured on Saturday following a shooting in Lynn, Massachusetts, authorities tell NBC News.

The shooting took place while the victims were filming a music video around 5:30 p.m. Witnesses told NBC Boston that the gunfire sounded like a "spray" of bullets, causing a panic.

"I heard a spray, like brrrr, like that you know? And it was like 2 seconds of gunfire," the witness, Virgil Vanover, described. Those that could flee ran in various directions once the shooting started.

"People started coming out the house, there was a panic. The next thing you know, police are everywhere," another witness, Kevin Barrows, said.

The death was confirmed by the Essex County District Attorney's Office and Lynn Police Department's Lt. Tom Reddy revealed that at least two of the victims sustained "life-threatening" injuries. Other victims also suffered injuries to their hands or feet. 

"He was running in the middle of the street, trying to stop cars," Vanover said about a victim. "He ran right by me screaming, 'Call 911, I've been shot.' So I called 911."

It's unclear what provoked the attack at this moment. Also, the shooting suspect remains at large, but the police believe they pose no public threat.