It should generally go without saying that specific costumes are off-limits on Halloween, but one man in Glasgow, Montana seemed to think otherwise.

TMZ reports that a man won a best Halloween costume contest at the Sam & Jeff's bar in Glasgow, and he did so wearing Ku Klux Klan robes. Patrons apparently voted for the klansman outfit to win the contest, for whatever reason, and the bar's owner has since apologized. In a statement shared by TMZ, bar owner Sam Knodel said he's sorry for the "distasteful and offensive actions" of the man, who was also allowed into another bar called Dink's on Halloween despite his costume choice.

In his apology, Knodel stressed that those at the bar voted in the contest, and that the outfit in no way reflects the views of himself or the bar.

The man who was pictured in the offensive get-up, Luke Morehouse, has also apologized in a Facebook post, although he stressed that he did not mean to offend. "What started as an innocent costume escalated and there are no excuses for it and I can not take that back," he wrote on Facebook, seemingly ignoring all the history associated with the robes. 

It's unclear why he thought dressing as a symbol of hate was at all "innocent," but hey, this is America.