Surely you've already figured this one out on your own, but in the name of certainty: No, there was no accidental Pornhub promo during a recent CNN broadcast.

As profoundly fun as it is to imagine that stats and maps and acute existential turmoil would have inspired someone on the news team to misguidedly attempt a quick glance at the extended library of content offered by Pornhub, the still-viral clip is actually the result of some (admittedly less-than-stupendous) editing.

A tweet featuring the edited clip of Inside Politics host and revered "magic wall" tapper John King now carries a "manipulated media" warning on Twitter. Per the site's policy, this warning is attached to tweets of this nature "to help people understand their authenticity and to provide additional context."

In addition to breakdowns from Mediaite and others on how the not-real clip is indeed not real, even King himself has stepped into the Pornhub-centered discourse.

In response to someone wondering aloud on Twitter whether the clearly edited clip was real, King confirmed—though no such confirmation should have been needed—that it was not.

"Some clown taking time away from lying about something else apparently because they don't like math," King said in a clear reference to Trump-backing math deniers.

Anyway, here's the actual clip, which you'll notice contains exactly zero instances of Pornhubbery:

Pornhub, however, did do its part in promoting active participation in this week's nerves-shattering presidential election. On Tuesday, the limitlessly time-consuming site was reserved only for users who had voted in the U.S. as part of the team's Give a Fuck, Get a Fuck campaign.