A 34-year-old private security guard who had been holding employment at a retirement community in Orange County was arrested on Monday after authorities suspected that he was pretending to be a federal law enforcement agent, according to the OC Register

A freshly unsealed federal complaint lays out the allegations against Donovan Pham Nguyen, including the charge that he has been pretending to be a special agent with Homeland Security Investigations for years. The complaint also says that he used a fake federal ID badge to purchase firearms, and that he had used his bogus credentials to speak to a local District Attorney about a potential criminal investigation after being introduced to the DA's office by a mutual friend. 

Federal prosecutors say that he told the DA's Office that he couldn't help with whatever investigation they needed after running it past a "supervisor." 

At one point, as the complaint states, he used his phony record to falsely state that he was a federal law enforcement agent to agents working for the U.S. Department of State’s Diplomatic Security Service while they prepared to make an arrest. 

It's not yet clear why he did any of this. 

Prosecutors state that Nguyen was a privately contracted security guard at a facility for Homeland Security, but that he didn't actually work for the company. He got pushed out of that position after it was alleged that he printed out false Homeland Security Investigations ID documents. 

As previously stated, the complaint says Nguyen used a fake law enforcement ID to buy guns without having to go through the safety courses that are often necessary. 

He also is said to have taken his phony resume online by sharing on LinkedIn that he was a "Department of Homeland Security Agent." He also said he was a long-time special agent in a YouTube video in which he discussed policies regarding immigration.

To complete the act, Nguyen allegedly put red and blue lights and a siren on his own vehicle, according to the complaint. He also passed out DHS memorabilia like coins/mugs, and used his "duties" as an agent to excuse frequent absences from his real job. 

Sounds like things were going swimmingly until Monday. The punishment for such an offense is up to three years in prison