Another video has emerged of another ignorant person going into a tirade over being told that they need to wear a mask.

This time, a man at an Alaska Walmart made a scene when he was kicked out of the store for refusing to wear a face covering. The man kept yelling even as he was being escorted out of the Anchorage location by several store managers. “Get back on your highway to hell and get out of a godly man’s face,” he said at the beginning of the video, which appears to have been taken by another Walmart employee, per TMZ.

“Please return to your service of Satan in your ignorant belief that you are right,” he shouts while flipping the employees off.

At one point, he was in one of the women manager’s faces—and, without a mask, was presumably spitting all over her. She handled the situation like a pro and kept telling him to “Have a good day” in a neutral voice.

While still in the exit, he screams about his rights as a consumer, saying, “I choose to yell and you cannot stop me!” It even seems like he’s about to fight the workers. “You are a fool and you are wrong and you have no authority over me,” he shouts before leaving.

Unfortunately, this sort of tantrum isn’t a novel occurrence. In late August, a man at a Marshall’s in Campbell, California went on a homophobic and racist rant after he was asked to wear a mask or leave the store.