When 21 Savage was taken into custody by ICE in 2019, many fans were potentially introduced for the first time to the realities facing those in the U.S. who are young and undocumented.

The news coverage of 21's arrest helped bring greater national attention to the Trump administration's continued attempts to destroy the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy, which allows young immigrants who are brought to the country as children the authorization to live and work here. And while the Supreme Court previously determined that Trump's move to terminate DACA were indeed unlawful, the program remains in a limbo of sorts thanks to the administration’s decision to not accept new applications and to place a limit on renewals to one year.

These issues and more are explored in the latest episode of Complex World, with host Speedy Morman speaking with a number of people who have been—and continue to be—impacted by how the U.S. approaches immigration.

Actor and activist Bambadjan Bamba, for example, first came to the U.S. as a child.

"I'm originally from the Ivory Coast, that's in West Africa," the actor, whose credits include Black Panther, explains in the new episode. "I am a father, a husband, a brother, an actor, a filmmaker, and immigrant rights advocate. And a DACA recipient."

Speaking further on his experiences, Bambadjan detailed how many in his situation often learn of their undocumented status.

"A lot of us find out we're undocumented when it's time to start driving," he said. "So, when you go to DMV, you're like 'Mom, I need these documents.' And they don't have the documents. And then, when it's time to go to college, a lot of us can't avail of any financial aid."

For more on the fight for immigration reform, and how that fight is complicated during the Trump era, watch the full episode of Complex World up top.