Two on-duty NYPD officers were caught in the Bronx smoking hookah while standing next to their patrol car over the weekend, the New York Post reports

Their vehicle was stationed outside of an apartment building across from the Bronx Zoo Sunday as part of an initiative to address the growing number of shootings across the city over the last few weeks.

A witness told the Post that the two officers stayed near their car for 90 minutes, smoking from a pipe hanging out of the passenger side window, and speaking with two people.  

According to the Post, the witness who captured the above video, posted it on Instagram at around 5:30 p.m. Six hours later, the two officers in the clip knocked on his front door after someone forwarded a link to them, and asked him to delete the post.

"'Can you please delete the video? I could lose my job,'" the witness recalls hearing from one of the officers. "'This could be an ongoing investigation.'"

"They looked scared. They looked nervous," he said. "They knew they were in the wrong."

As you would suspect, NYPD officers are prohibited from smoking in public view while in uniform. The department said the incident is currently under internal review. 

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