Another day, another viral "Karen" moment.

A video posted on social media this week showed a June 22 altercation between two customers at a Sacramento 7-Eleven. The footage begins in middle of a heated argument in which an unidentified white woman calls a Black woman a racial slur. It's unclear what exactly started the argument, but the white woman repeatedly shouted, "I said excuse me!" before using the n-word. Stupid, stupid decision.

The Black woman then walked toward "Sacramento Karen," throws an item at her and said, "Call me a n***a again ... I'm the right one. Try it." The white woman's tone got noticeably quieter for a few moments, but then she accepted the challenge at firmly dropped the n-word. A split second later, the Black woman started swinging and punched the white woman in the face multiple times.

A second video begins with the white woman on the floor, as she holds the other woman's arm.

"Let me go," the Black woman is heard saying as she stands over "Karen." "You better let me go or I'm gonna hit your ass again." The white woman refused to release her grip, so she got another fist to the face.

The Black woman eventually walks out of the store, as "Karen" shouts, "someone call 911."

You can check out footage of the incident above. 

According to TMZ, Sacramento officers arrived at the scene shortly after, though the Black woman was gone by that point. Karen reportedly received medical treatment and said she did not want to file a complaint because the fight was mutual; however, authorities said the woman had a change of heart the following day and decided to file a report. Officers told the outlet the Black woman had not been identified, charged or arrested as of Thursday morning. TMZ points out that a man who claims to be the Black woman's husband said his wife has since been arrested on assault charges.