Orlando International Airport management is refuting claims that 360 employees tested positive for the coronavirus. 

On Tuesday, Gov. Ron DeSantis told the media that 260 workers had been infected with the coronavirus after 500 employees at the airport were tested. 

"[An]airport in Central Florida had a couple of cases, they did the contract tracing," DeSantis said per the local CBS affiliate. "They looked [at] almost 500 workers [and] 260 people working close together were positive, 52 percent positivity rate on that one."

Yet, the Orlando International Airport released a statement on Wednesday, informing the public that not all of the 260 people were airport employees, but had contact with airport employees. Also, they weren't part of the 500 airport employees that were tested for the virus. In fact, only two employees reportedly tested positive for the virus out of everyone that was screened. 

"We want to clarify that the number of cases recently shared with the media is the total number of cases confirmed at our airport since mid-March through June," the statement reads. 

Despite this, citizens are concerned that a second wave of COVID-19 could take hold in the state. Rebekah Jones was fired from the Florida Department of Health last month, which didn't stop her from putting together her own coronavirus tracker. According to her data portal, cases are on the rise in the state. She believes that only two of the state's 67 counties meet the criteria to continue to the next phase of reopening. Also, citizens have taken to Twitter where they have condemned DeSantis for pushing to reopen the economy.