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Another video of a black man dying at the hands of police has surfaced.

New body camera footage from the Oklahoma City Police Department shows officers arresting a suspect who calls out “I can’t breathe” before later dying at a hospital.

NBC News reports that the police released the video this week, which was taken on May 20, 2019. In the footage, three cops are restraining 42-year-old Derrick Scott as he continually pleads for his medicine and says he can’t breathe.

One of the officers, Jarred Tipton responds, “I don’t care.” A couple minutes later, a second cop says, “You can breathe just fine.”

A few minutes into the video, Scott looks to be unresponsive and was later confirmed to be dead. According to NBC, an autopsy reads that his cause of death was a collapsed lung.

Scott was taken into police custody after someone reported that a black man was yelling at people and had a gun. In the video, Scott runs from the police after Tipton asks Scott if he has a weapon. The police then tackle and confine him, later finding a handgun in Scott’s pocket. An officer reportedly tried to give Scott CPR before the paramedics came to the scene.

The autopsy says the police’s response didn’t lead to the “fatal trauma” and recorded other “significant” determinants like physical restraint, use of methamphetamines, asthma, emphysema, and heart disease. The reason for his death was said to be “undetermined.”