A swath of bullshit is mindlessly afoot in Plandemic, the unfortunate purported COVID-19 documentary you may have seen being shared by some of the more intellectually deficient people in your respective social networks. 

Thankfully, NBC News and others have started shining a light on the idiocy after the documentary cacophonic concoction started going viral following an initial boost from anti-vaxxer dipshits. A prominent fixture in the video is Dr. Judy Mikovits, described by Will Sommer at the Daily Beast as a "close associate" of anti-vaxxers whose characterization in Plandemic as some sort of revered scientist is wildly inaccurate at best.

Politifact also broke down some of the YouTube- and Facebook-removed video's key moments of bullshit. Among the brain-crushing highlights, which are difficult to fathom if one is even remotely centered in reality, are falsehoods about flu vaccines increasing the chances of contracting COVID-19 (nope) and flu vaccines doubling as coronavirus injections (also nope).

Still, the frighteningly stupid video managed to cross over from its everyday anti-vaxxer share-fest and onto the social channels of a few (very) minor public figures including Larry the Cable Guy and the famously booed Alabamian Darren Knight, as well as MMA stars including Alex Reid and Tito Ortiz.

In Facebook's statement on the Mikki Willis production, a company rep pointed to another particularly dangerous claim made in the video.

"Suggesting that wearing a mask can make you sick could lead to imminent harm, so we're removing the video," the rep told the Beast.

Do better, everyone.