The United States has been hit hard by the coronavirus, which is reportedly forcing President Trump to reach out to unexpected sources in hopes of figuring out how to curb the pandemic. 

Sources told ABC News on Friday that Trump reportedly had a conversation with former New York Yankees superstar Alex Rodriguez. Those close to A-Rod claim that the call was a "pleasant conversation" and that Trump sought Rodriguez's opinion on how he's handling the coronavirus outbreak. 

A-Rod is not a health professional. As a result, an insider explained to ABC that neither Rodriguez or his fiancée, Jennifer Lopez, will have an official role in the relief efforts. 

When news of the conversation started to make headlines, Donald Trump took it upon himself to denounce the reports as rumors. The President quote-tweeted a source claiming that the call took place from the oval office.

"More Fake News!" he wrote.

Combating these reports is the least of America's worries. The United States currently has the most confirmed coronavirus cases in the world, with more than 104,000 people infected, resulting in nearly 1,700 deaths. Lawmakers and Trump are trying to relieve the financial burden created by the virus by agreeing to sign a $2 trillion stimulus package. But the President has gone on record stating that he wants the country to be operating at full capacity by Easter despite the growing concerns.