What's in a name? Nothing really, if you're Judge Mike Cummins of California. 

In an attempt to try and appeal to voters in his bid for a seat on the Superior Court in the Los Angeles County Democratic Primary, Cummins legally changed his first name to "Judge Mike." The problem is Judge Mike hasn't been a judge in over a decade. He briefly held the title, but that ended back in 2006.

He can best be described these days as a retired former attorney, who hasn't been practicing law since January 2017 when his license went inactive. So, yeah, that doesn't sound like an intriguing candidate, compared to his opponent Emily Cole, deputy district attorney for Los Angeles County. Cole tried to have Cummins' name appear on the ballot as "J. Mike Cummins" or "J.M. Cummins," but it didn't work. 

In the lead-up to election, people tried to warn voters of Judge Mike's hoax. 

Judge Mike's plan failed as he lost to Los Angeles County deputy DA Emily Cole in a landslide.  

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