Over the weekend a 48-year-old man was found dead inside a clothing donation bin outside of a Tennessee Walmart. While foul play is not suspected, local authorities are still investigating the incident.

“Around 3:50 [p.m. on Sunday],” Public Information Officer Jim Knoll of the Clarksville Police Department said to PEOPLE, “a call came in about a man being stuck inside of a donation bin at 3050 Wilma Rudolph Blvd.”

Knoll continued by saying that first responders arrived to the location, outside of a Clarksville Walmart, and found that the man's lower half was "protruding from the donation bin." 

The man was then "extricated from the bin," where authorities were able to confirm that he was indeed dead.

It's not currently known just how long he had died prior to the discovery of his body.

Due to the fact that no evidence of foul play was found, officers believe his death is accidental. Despite that, the man's death does not have an official cause just yet.

While rare, a similar death also made news in recent months when Christopher Dennis (who had acheived a small amount of celebrity dressing up as Superman at the Hollywood Walk of Fame) also died this way.

In that instance the cause of death was chalked up to suffocation from "neck compression and blunt trauma sustained after being partially entrapped within a metal clothing donation box."

Don't let either of these events prevent you from doing a future good deed but, uh, exercise caution.