A man has been charged with the murder of his fiancée, whom he proposed to just days prior to her death.

CNN affiliate KTRK reports that the Texas man, Kendrick Marquette Akins, proposed to Dominic Jefferson on New Year’s Eve after the couple had been dating for three months. Around midnight on Saturday, he allegedly shot a woman he was dating after an argument in the parking lot, the Houston Police Department shared in a statement. The woman’s family later told KTRK that it was Jefferson.

Officers responded to a shooting at an apartment complex in Houston. A witness saw the confrontation and attempted to help the woman, but when Akins saw and confronted the “concerned citizen,” he allegedly started shooting in the witness' direction. Another witness also believed they saw Akins had fled the scene. The police are looking for surveillance video of the incident.

“We need answers. Why did it come to this? How did it come to this? She has kids,” Jefferson's sister said, per KTRK.

On Saturday, around noon, “Akins surrendered to officers at the HPD Northeast Police Station. He was questioned by detectives and subsequently charged in the shooting,” the department said.