Florida, McDonald's, and the desire for dipping sauce have all joined forces for an arrest tale out of Vero Beach.

The New York Post informs us that 19-year-old Maguire Marie McLaughlin was arrested during an incident last week during which she vowed to procure dipping sauce "by whatever means necessary." Per a Smoking Gun-cited police report, the incident went down around 4 a.m. on New Year's Day and saw the arrival of local police at the McDonald's in question, at which point McLaughlin was observed screaming vulgarities at the drive-thru.

"Upon paying for the food, she requested dipping sauces from the employee," an Indian River County officer said in the report. The employee in question is then said to have informed McLaughlin that the sauce would cost an additional 25 cents, prompting a "verbal altercation" of sorts. "McLaughlin further stated that she will be getting the sauce by whatever means necessary, however, could not specify what she meant by that," the officer noted.

The officer added that "the odor of an alcoholic beverage" was "emitting from her mouth" during the McDonald's moment, which also included a request for one every flavor of dipping sauce from the fast food establishment, a request seemingly complicated by the clarification of a quarter-per-sauce policy. Ultimately, McLaughlin was taken into custody for disorderly conduct using a "restraint device" and released the following day.