On Christmas Eve, a man in Bradenton, Florida awoke to find that a burglar had broken into his home for the stated purpose of sucking on his toes, according to the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies who responded to the scene say that the victim told them he was asleep in his bedroom when the suspect woke him up by sucking on his toes. When the victim asked the intruder what he was doing, that person replied that he "was there to suck toes." 

Deputies say that a fight then broke out and that the home invader tried to grab the victim's genitals while threatening him by saying that he had a gun. A gun was neither seen by the victim, nor recovered at the scene. At some point during the chaos the victim was able to get the intruder out of his house. The suspect then continued to commit less disturbing, but still extremely obnoxious, crimes by smashing out one of the house's windows before destroying the windshield of the victim's car.

Though they attempted to do so with assistance from a police dog, deputies weren't able to locate the suspect. The intruder is still at large though DNA swabs were taken from the home owner's feet.

An investigation is still ongoing.