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A 4-year-old boy died Thursday after he and his father were shot by the father's gun while play wrestling, according to BuzzFeed News. 

Authorities discovered that 36-year-old Tyler Shaw had a concealed handgun on the small of his back while he was play wrestling with his son, Tripp Shaw. The gun fell from the dad while they were wrestling and it shot both the dad and the young child in the head, FOX 59 reported.

The 4-year-old was rushed to Riley Children's Hospital, and died sometime after. The boy's father was taken to IU Health Bloomington Hospital and will recover, according to the news outlet.

The family is raising funds via GoFundMe to cover expenses for the funeral and medical costs. "We first and foremost covet your prayers as Anthony's sister and family adjust to life without their 4-year-old son and brother," Nikki Hughes, the boy's aunt, wrote on Facebook. "We also ask for any help you can give to their family. They have so many expenses due to the time in the hospital and unexpected funeral."

"It truly takes a village and I pray that the burden of medical debt will not cloud over their grief," she continued. "We are SO thankful for the gifts that have already been given. What a blessing it is on this dark day."

According to Sheriff Brad Swain, the gun is being tested for any defects that could have made the gun go off unexpectedly. It is not known at this time if any criminal charges would be filed in relation to the incident.