On Saturday, Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan created quite a stir among those at Art Basel Miami and beyond when his latest piece titled Comedian was sold for a shocking $120,000. The installation, which was basically a banana secured to a white wall with duct tape, would be eaten later in the day by another artist named David Datuna as part of an art performance called Hungry Artist

Whether we're talking about Comedian or Hungry Artist, these installations became a topic of conversation that quickly spread like wildfire. Popeyes knows a thing or two about creating that same type of response, for better or for worse, with their chicken sandwich. Their connection inspired the fast food chain to partner with San Paul Gallery Urban Art to display a piece titled "The Sandwich." 

"The Sandwich" is the fried chicken sandwich that we all know and love duct-taped to a canvas as one of the art pieces that will be presented at the exhibit, located at 176 NW 26th Street in Miami, during the week. The installation(?) is being listed at $120,003.99, an homage to the amount that Comedian was sold for this past weekend with an extra $3.99, which is the price of the chicken sandwich at Popeyes.  

Maybe not too shocking, but Popeyes claims a buyer has already inquired about purchasing "The Sandwich." Profits from the sale will go towards to the Popeyes Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps communities with food and support in times of need.