Pringles is jumping on the fall seasonal flavors bandwagon with perhaps the most monstrous autumnal iteration yet. For people who aren't getting their fill of unsettling meat from the McRib, the chips company has announced Turducken chips for Thanksgiving.

For the unfamiliar a turducken is proof that God's no longer watching a chicken stuffed inside a duck, stuffed inside a turkey. It's a weird flex, meant to make the Thanksgiving centerpiece better by including another bird most people overcook. And now Pringles has turned it into a chip. 

Rather than making a general bird-flavored chip, Pringles will sell cans that include individually flavored chips that can be eaten in threes.

For the folks who think sides are the most important part of Thanksgiving, Pringles has also announced cranberry sauce-flavored chips, stuffing chips and pumpkin pie chips. Far be it from us to uncover how they made stuffing flavor, as no two people have ever made a stuffing that tastes the same. Presumably, they cooked those chips inside the top-billed turducken. 

Obviously, the news that Pringles was Frankensteining chips was met on Twitter with the platform's trademark skepticism.

The brave can snag the chips as part of a "Feast Kit" that sells on the Kellogg's store for $15.99. The pack goes on sale on Nov. 7.