Roger Stone, a longtime Trump ally, was found guilty Friday in a federal trial centered on lying to Congress and witness tampering.

The tampering is connected with Stone's efforts to learn about the WikiLeaks release of hacked Democratic Party documents stemming from the 2016 presidential election. Per the Washington Post, Stone—who has a tattoo on his back of Nixon's face—was found guilty on all seven counts stemming from a September 2017 House intelligence committee testimony on Russian election interference.

Stone's motive for his actions, prosecutors argue, was to protect Trump "from embarrassment."

Stone is now the sixth Trump adviser or aide to be handed a conviction as part of the Mueller investigation. Stone's sentencing date has been set for Feb. 6.

Like clockwork, the shit-for-brains anthropomorphic Filet-O-Fish in the White House immediately tweeted about Stone's conviction on Friday. 

Mere minutes after curiously boasting "Stock Market up big [sic]," the individual in question publicly assessed Stone's conviction as—in his opinion, at least—"a double standard like never seen before in the history of our Country [sic]."

Per the Associated Press rundown of Friday's court happenings, Stone faces up to 20 years behind bars.