The .45 caliber pistol used to shoot five high-schoolers at Santa Clarita's Saugus High School on November 14 was unregistered and built from parts. 

16-year-old Nathaniel Tennosuke Berhow killed two students when he attacked the school using a "ghost gun" that did not have a serial number, per the Los Angeles Times.

ABC reports that Berhow pulled the gun from his backpack on the school's quad and began firing. The entire shooting lasted 16 seconds, with the gun jamming at one point. He turned the gun on himself when he realized he only had one bullet left. He died of his injuries two days later. The shooting spree killed Grace Anne Muehlberger, 15, and Dominic Blackwell, 14.

Police have been unable to piece together a motive. His mother reported no strange activity from her son, he did not write a note and they have not been able to link Berhow to any violent groups. A search of his home did uncover several unregistered weapons.

Student Madi Roeschke said she hid in a classroom with her sister during the shooting and she told CNN that she wasn't surprised. 

"Of course it was very hard, and a traumatic experience. But with the state of America right now, with gun control not being strict enough, with kids being able to access guns so easily, it didn't surprise me," she said. "I honestly was never in shock. I was just crying with my sister, hoping that we would be safe. But I wasn't surprised that it happened."

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