A 13-year-old double murder suspect from North Carolina identified as Jericho W. has escaped from the custody of regional social services.

The teen escaped from custody while wearing leg restraints and no shoes, according to an NBC News report. The Robeson County Sheriff's Office said Jericho W. was in court earlier that day facing two counts of first-degree murder and additional charges related to robbery with a dangerous weapon.

"The juvenile was in custody of the NC Department of Public Safety Transport Team," a Robeson County Sheriff's Office rep said on Facebook Tuesday. "We currently have helicopters from the Bladen County Sheriff's Office, Brunswick County Sheriff's Office, US Marshals from Wilmington and Fayetteville, Lumberton Police, and Sheriff's deputies are searching for him. The Robeson District Attorney's Office has been on hand as well."

Explaining the delay in releasing a photograph for public identification, the rep noted that NC General Statute 7B-3106 determines "how and when" such information releases can be handled when juveniles are involved.

Jericho had been in custody since Oct. 14. That same month, he and 19-year-old Derrick Deshawn Hunt were charged in the murders of 34-year-old Frank Thomas and 33-year-old Adam Thomas, regional outlet News & Observer reported.