McDonald’s is making its last stand in 2019’s chicken wars by introducing the new spicy BBQ chicken sandwich and spicy BBQ chicken tenders.

While Popeyes' new chicken sandwich was a summer hit, they sold out fast. Now, McDonald’s has decided to roll out its new menu items.

According to Fox News, the chicken sandwich and tenders will be available starting Sept. 11 for a limited time. While it looks like the chain's new items are a response to the popularity of Popeyes' viral, Chick-Fil-A–taunting sensation, McDonald’s' latest offerings were reported in late June—before the Popeyes craze—and confirmed to hit restaurants in mid-September. Both the sandwich and tenders have already been tested at several locations since the start of the year.

McDonald’s described the new chicken tenders as a “classic” take on buttermilk crispy tenders, but also “hand-tossed and perfectly-sauced” in their new spicy BBQ glaze. The sandwich was described similarly, an “all-white meat” fillet that’s served with onions and pickles.

The chicken wars broke out on social media in August, after Popeyes launched its new offering and came directly for Chick-Fil-A. The discourse began to devolve into madness as more and more fast-food chains tried to shoot their shot. Popeyes soon sold out, which caused people to act in absurd ways, including a Tennessee man suing Popeyes for “false advertising” and a group of people armed with a gun demanding chicken sandwiches in Houston.

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